Toning Tables

The toning tables guide almost every part of the body through ranges of motion to strengthen weak muscles, relax tight muscles and establish a balance in muscle tension.

Stress-Free exercise utilizes induced Rhythm Motion (IRM) machines to achieve desired physical results.  The body, while relaxing, responds to movements initiated by IRM machines.  This is an on-going program that will restore the shape and health of your body and enable you to maintain it with a minimum of effort.

IRM machines guide various parts of the body through ranges of motion to strengthen weak muscles, relax tight muscles and establish balanced muscle tension.

You will see some of the various positions and benefits of a Stress-Free Exercise Program.

HIP POSITION – The Single Paddle Table reduces hips, thighs and slims the waist.  The Hip position strengthens the postural muscles of the hips and spine to eliminate the unwanted bulge in the abdomen.

SHOULDER POSITION – The Shoulder position stretches the deep musculature of the rib cage, upper spine and neck region.  This expands the chest, frees the diaphragm and rolls the shoulders back to relieve tension in the upper back.

LEG TABLE – The Leg Table slims and strengthens the muscles of the hips, thighs and calves, producing the proper weight distribution and greater flexibility in the hip joints.

DOUBLE PADDLE TABLE – The Double Paddle Table works in conjunction with the Single Paddle Table to reduce hips, thighs and slim the waistline.   This table is used in both the shoulder and hip positions to balance the body left to right of the vertical line.

SIDE-TO-SIDE TABLE – The Side-to-Side Table lengthens the intercostal muscles of the rib cage, stretches the muscles of the back, while strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.

ABDOMINAL TABLE – The Abdominal Table strengthens all the abdominal muscles, slimming the thighs, calves and waist while lengthening the lower back.

SIT-UP TABLE – The Sit-Up Table lengthens the muscles of the lower back and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

CIRCULATION TABLE – The Circulation Table brings on the Relaxation Response while it stimulates the entire circulatory system.  Increased blood flow helps the body eliminate toxins resulting in stress reduction and increased vitality all in one.