What is Stress-Free Exercise?

Stress-Free exercise utilizes toning tables to achieve desired physical results. The body, while relaxing, responds to movements initiated by toning tables. This is an on-going program that will restore the shape and health of your body and enable you to maintain it with a minimum of effort.

How do Toning Tables Work?

Toning tables guide various parts of the body through ranges of motion to strengthen weak muscles, relax tight muscles and establish balanced muscle tension. The information on the Toning Tables page shows some of the various positions and benefits of a Stress-Free Exercise Program.

In addition to MS and neurological disorders, great benefits are felt by those in rehabilitation from cardiac problems, stroke victims, arthritis, Parkinsons, back problems and diabetics.


Look and Feel Your Best

Improve Circulation

Greater Flexibility

Stress Reduction

Muscle Strengthening

Age and Weight are NO Barrier

Available for both Men and Women